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Fluidic Mixers

Fluidic technology is well tried and tested and is based on the principle of using fluids to provide control for, and power to, other fluids.

Fluidic Mixers take advantage of the general principles of fluidic and provide a unique solution to fluid and semi-fluid transfer problems. They use a pressurised fluid (usually compressed air or biogas) to generate a motive force on other flowable materials.

There are no other power connections and no moving parts.

Fluidic Mixers are:

easy to install and suited to a wide variety of applications, from liquids through powders and granular materials to semi solids,designed to work in arduous conditions and are safe to use, even in hazardous areas,environment friendly and can be operated in conditions not suited to normal mechanical mixing equipment.

Fully submersible, require practically no maintenance and can run continuously, even in the most rigorous of applications.

“This unique mixing solution will be a boon to all plant and process engineers who are plagued with on-going problems in difficult fluid transfer applications”.


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